Business Essentials

2 Apr

I had a chance yesterday in a private capacity to attend a conference for sports coaches entitled ‘Business Essentials’.  This was aimed at those [like me] who have a passion for their sport [in my case Tennis] but specifically for those who depend on it for their living  and therefore need to understand the issues about how to engage with their clients, [admittedly mainly consumer facing].   Needless to say, the tutor, an old [sorry Charles] coaching colleague and mentor of mine did a great job in explaining the issues, but I could of course not resist the temptation to ‘serve up’ some pearls of PCG wisdom to assist him.  He was most grateful.   Also chatted to a David Lloyd centre coach, who had previously been an IT Contractor and was now making his mark on the court, although perhaps not quite so much money!

IT’s a small world.


One Response to “Business Essentials”

  1. DeliveryDemon April 3, 2009 at 2:23 pm #

    One advantage sports coaches have over IT contractors is that it’s normal for sports coaches to have multiple clients, whereas many IT contractors will fulfil a contract for a single client then when that contract finishes, move on to a new client. This different business model makes it more difficult for them to be targeted with ill-thought-out tax legislation like IR35.

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