Important Scotland ‘event’

2 Apr

Notwithstanding Scotland’s victory on the football field last night, Iain McIlwee and I were in Aberdeen on Friday 20th March for a much more important ‘real life meeting’ [we must think of a better name!] We had an excellent turnout, 60 people, at the Atholl Hotel. Former tax inspector James Cordiner together with Paul Mason from Abbey Tax gave a very thorough talk about taxation issues for the freelancer. The meeting lasted three hours and we covered a lot of ground with a detailed Q&A and discussion among members.

Then on Saturday 21st we held the Consultative Council meeting in Edinburgh, involving a rare chance to cram a ‘quart into a pint pot’ at the local Italian restaurant in Grassmarket the night before. The manager must have wondered what he had done to deserve such a distinguished clientele. A key aim of the business meeting the next morning was to achieve consensus on PCG’s forward vision and strategy which builds on conclusions drawn from the strategic review we conducted last year. CC members provided valuable input into the process and we discussed the way forward based on PCG’s ten guiding principles which will be published shortly.


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