National Freelancers Day

28 Apr

Following on from the budget, many of you will have seen PCG Ads in this weekend’s papers calling the Chancellor to task over his failure to address the needs of the Freelance community.

Freelancers provide flexible solutions and are working hard with their clients to assist economic recovery.  In a drive to gain wider recognition for the contribution that freelancers, consultants and contractors make to the UK economy, PCG has declared 23rd November as National Freelancers Day.  

National Freelancers Day will highlight five key themes:

  • The right to work freelance
  • Freelancing must be respected as a valid career choice and essential ingredient in the success of UK Plc. 
  • The need for the Government to make it easier for clients to engage freelancers  
  • Recognition that freelancers are in business on their own account 
  • Fair and equitable taxation

We have set up a web page and will be making more announcements about the day in the coming weeks and months.   Please visit the web page and give us your views/ideas for the day, either directly or through this blog.


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