A mere ripple in a duck pond

22 May

Two weeks in anyone’s life is not long, but for MPs it must seem like an eternity.  Recent events have even got me wondering whether I have ever claimed anything I shouldn’t…you know, the odd bag of crisps and newspaper buried in a business petrol receipt, or that claim for the Hot Air Balloon flight so as to do some ‘blue sky thinking’  [sorry Gov!…genuine mistake.]   Also reminds me of the chap who claimed for a dinner suit and was caught with his trousers down over it.   He then told his boss he would resubmit his expenses next week and upon submission, challenged him to find where he had hidden the suit claim.

Being ‘found out’ is what we at PCG would like HMRC to own up to, following our FOI Act request in seeking the figure of actual revenue attained by the Government since the introduction of IR35, an ‘extremely modest’ £9m over five years, This puts the £220 million expected revenue from NICs alone in some kind of perspective.  So all that continuing grief and uncertainty for ‘tax law abiding’ freelancers takes on some real meaning now.  I am really looking forward to standing next to the minister concerned [in true Joanna Lumley style] and announcing that we have now won agreement to IR35’s abolition, but I need a ‘cry’ al la Gurkhas…any thoughts?   Maybe ‘aye aye…games up’!!?

PCG has just appointed Jim Cassidy, of Prima Media and Communications as its press relations advisor north of the border.  Jim has seen his fair share of ‘anger’ stories I’m sure, being former editor on the Sunday Mirror and the the Sunday Mail, not to mention his stint on the press complaints commission.  He will be a great asset to PCG as we ratchet up our activities in Scotland in the coming year.

Oh! and don’t forget, we are celebrating National Freelancers Day on November 23rd and the many and valuable services that the freelance community contribute for the country’s well being. There will be an event or meeting near you somewhere on the day, so don’t forget to claim your travel expenses to get there…that surely must be allowable and in the interests of GB plc, unlike ‘duck ponds or islands’

Have a great bank holiday weekend.


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