National Freelancers Day: website launched

25 Sep

We are delighted to announce that the National Freelancers Day website is now live.  National Freelancers Day has been set up to raise the profile of the freelance sector, project the value that freelancing delivers to UK business and champion the unsung heroes of the UK economy, freelance contractors and consultants.

Exploring the increasing significance of Freelancing

Through a range of online and local events National Freelancers Day will focus very much on how freelancing fits into an evolving business environment. Key speakers will be drawn from the world of business to explore how the workplace is changing and where freelancing fits in this changing landscape. In addition to this exciting program of events, PCG is conducting, compiling and consolidating research on the size, scope and opportunity for the UK Freelance workforce, emphasising the value that this skilled workforce delivers to UK Business and highlighting the way freelancing is evolving into an increasingly significant part of the UK economy.

Delivering a Manifesto for Freelancing

On National Freelancers Day, PCG will be delivering a “Manifesto for Freelancing” to all candidates for the General Election. This concise and considered document will present to the government of tomorrow a freelance prospective of the key challenges and opportunities as they impact upon our community. The manifesto will be delivered by post and presented at receptions in Westminster and Holyrood.

Creating A better environment for Freelancing

In the run up to National Day, PCG is encouraging freelancers, suppliers and information hubs to explore the positive aspects of freelancing and highlight the strong community that exists in supports of the freelance workforce. A range of tools will also be provided through this site to help businesses and individuals explore the freelance model and how it could work most effectively for them.

Find out how to get involved on National Freelancers Day.


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