IR35 is clearly not a good and palatable tax

13 Nov

It is good to see that IR35 is getting exposure through the mainstream press again.  IR35 really exemplifies what is wrong with the taxation system in this country – as Anne Redstone (professor of Tax Law at King’s College London) points out in her recent statement on Newsnight.

 “… there are burdensome, bureaucratic taxes which raise almost no income. The IR35 legislation, aimed at temporary workers, brings in merely 1% of its predicted £800m a year, but is hugely expensive to administer.”

 We have recently been discussing this subject with Anne and certainly echo this sentiment.  It is good to hear that leading experts are concurring with the long held views of PCG and that in tandem with the work we are doing to underpin the value of freelancing to the economy the pressure on IR35 continues. 

 On National Freelancers Day a selection of leading experts are putting forward their views on the vital contribution that freelancing makes to the world of business in a special webcast. 

 See the full commentary from Anne Redstone here:

More detail on National Freelancers Day here


One Response to “IR35 is clearly not a good and palatable tax”

  1. Titanium Consulting February 17, 2010 at 9:35 pm #

    As a member of the professional contractors group I fully support the campaign to have a tax regime that encourages micro businesses that most interims and freelancers have to use to continue their business.

    Keep up the good work PCG..

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