Freelance. It’s Britain’s brain gain

16 Feb

I have to say that I have not had too many earlier starts on a Monday morning, with the alarm going off at 3.30am to ensure I was suited, booted and ready to face the determined brand of questioning that has made John Humprys & Co household names. I had been contacted some hours beforehand by a producer at the BBC who had seen our new campaign,  “Freelance. It’s Britain’s brain gain” in the national press. He wanted to discuss it on the Today Programme, and also on BBC Radio 5 Live’s “Wake up to money”. Naturally I was pleased that this campaign had such an immediate and significant impact. The Today Programme pulls in millions of listeners a week, a great platform I’m sure you’ll agree for spreading the freelance message, and “Wake Up To Money” can count many CEOs and senior executives amongst its listeners.

I walked into BBC studios at White City keen to champion our exciting new “Freelance. It’s Britain’s brain gain” campaign. To those not yet familiar with it- we have been running full page advertisements in the Times, Sunday Times and Financial Times, and online on the CBI’s website, Times online, the Telegraph online and with the tagline “Freelance. It’s Britain’s brain gain”. Our campaign highlights the direct benefits the freelance community offers to businesses, and draws attention to freelancers’ overall contribution to the economy. It thus proffers a positive message for business, which will run throughout the pre-election period.

We’ve built a dedicated microsite, and launched a report “Freeing Up Growth: How to harness freelance talent for business success”, as well as a new interactive training tool designed to take a client through the various stages of the setting up, engaging and managing a project with freelancers. We’re hoping the message will be passed on- help and support is being sought from the community requesting that where possible this campaign is highlighted to clients, agents and fellow freelance contractors and consultants.  As well as the traditional media, PCG is keen for freelancers to get behind the campaign and use social media to spread the word. Re-tweet our tweets, pass on our report, and help us to spread the message. “Freelance. It’s Britain’s brain gain.”

But back to the interviews – I say I “walked” into the studios –my cab having arrived slightly late I was soon met by a producer, complete with headphones, who made me change speed and jog to where the interviews were being recorded. The interviews themselves used a report from the CIPD as a springboard, allowing me to highlight the freelance way of working as a unique, positive way for companies to grow and draw on expertise on a flexible basis, thus ensuring future success and security. I also had the chance to briefly mention ICT abuse. You can listen to my comments by following the links  here. It was excellent to have this opportunity to highlight the freelance message on so large a scale and raise awareness of PCG to an audience of several million. Hopefully I don’t sound too out of breath from my unexpected corridor sprint.


One Response to “Freelance. It’s Britain’s brain gain”

  1. Freelance Project Manager February 18, 2010 at 12:47 pm #

    I think it’s good that the PCG are actively promoting Freelancing and Interim Management and I have added a post to my blog in support.

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