Conservative manifesto pledges smaller IT procurement contracts for SMEs

11 Mar

The Conservative Party has just launched its Technology Manifesto.

One of the key polices it contains is a commitment to

 Quote:Creating a level playing field for open source IT in government procurement and open up government IT contracts to SMEs by breaking up large IT projects into smaller components.

This is good news as it mirrors exactly what PCG called for in its own manifesto. In the PCG manifesto, we stated that a future Government should

 Quote:Split Government procurement contracts into smaller components. This would avoid problematic “super contracts” and give freelancers a better opportunity to deliver their services, directly rather than being subcontracted via a “prime contractor”.

We are monitoring the other parties for similar developments and commitments that mirror those of our manfesto, and we continue to engage with politicians from all the major parties on freelance issues. As the parties release their manfestos we will scrutinise them closely for policies that may help or hinder freelancing.


2 Responses to “Conservative manifesto pledges smaller IT procurement contracts for SMEs”

  1. Gill Hunt March 24, 2010 at 11:25 am #

    Always good if public sector are encouraged to publish contracts – but watch out for contracts with titles that hide what they’re really about (unintentionally in most cases!).

    For example, we posted 3 contracts on Skillfair a while ago that were all titled ‘recruitment services’. One was indeed for a recruitment agency, once for a recruitment website and one for an HR specialist to help with an executive level job description.

    This week’s best – says its for ‘technical options for a telecomms solution ‘ , implying an investigatory approach – but further down the notice moves on to include the supply, installation and support of the solution.

    So always read them through carefully before dismissing notices as ‘not for me’

  2. IT Support Watford May 7, 2010 at 3:31 pm #

    I think SME’s and micro-businesses will welcome the move to open up government IT contracts to SMEs

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