Will the Chancellor be a Darling to freelancers?

24 Mar

As Chancellor Alistair Darling reveals the secrets of his little red box PCG members throughout Britain will be having a live Twitter debate on the Budget 2010. From Wick to Wigan PCG members, who work in a wide variety of sectors including oil and gas, engineering, information technology, management consultancy, marketing, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals, will be giving their reaction to the budget and the impact on the UK’s freelance community.

• Will the Chancellor finally kick IR35 into the political long grass?

• Will Labour offer any help to the freelance community?

• Will public sector cuts have a negative impact on freelancers?

• Has the Chancellor scope for pre-election sweeteners?

PCG will be there all the way on Twitter as the Chancellor unveils his financial package only weeks before a General Election.   We are delighted to announce that joining PCG’s analysis team with her initial Budget thoughts will be one of the UK’s leading tax experts Anne Redston who is a visiting professor at Kings College, London. Anne, who won great acclaim amongst the freelance community when she said IR35 was, ‘a high-cost, high-stress and a low revenue part of the tax system,’ will give her incisive thoughts on how the Budget will impact on freelancers. John Brazier, Managing Director of PCG will be leading the PCG team on Twitter to give his thoughts on the afternoon’s action from Westminster and he’s looking forward to a lively session.

What the country needs is honesty, transparency and we need the Chancellor to encourage growth and give stimulus to the freelance community and small businesses. 

Why not add follow the debate and add your voice to the PCG Budget debate at http://www.twitter.com/insidepcg


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