Is Richard Tyler our Paul Revere? The IR35 story continues

23 Jun

When American Patriot Paul Revere rode into Lexington at the end of his infamous “Midnight Ride” announcing that the English were coming, it did not in itself change anything, but it initiated the start of a huge change process, a journey starting with a battle for freedom and culminating in the US becoming the world’s pre-eminent super power.  It was the signal for change.

In this article in  the Telegraph today Richard Tyler has interviewed small business minister Mark Prisk and it reads:

Individuals selling their services through small companies have their taxable income policed by the so-called IR35 legislation. 

This will now be abolished, small business minister Mark Prisk said.

“We want to make sure that we could undertake a comprehensive review of small business taxation in a way that makes the need for the current IR35 legislation redundant.

“But we want to make sure whatever we change is a lasting settlement. One of the problems with IR35 is that it’s a constantly changing set of rules.”

In bringing the Freelance community the news from his interview with Mark Prisk, Richard Tyler may be the freelance community’s own Paul Revere, bringing us news that the Coalition Government recognises the significance of the freelance community in Freeing up Growth.

 There is still, however, work to be done and, if Richard is indeed Paul Revere, bringing us this landmark news, in the words of our very own George Washington, Chris Bryce (PCG Chairman):

 “This is not the end of the journey and we now have to sit down with the Coalition Government and work on the fine detail. Yes, we can possibly raise a glass of self-congratulation tonight, even if England lose this afternoon, but soon the hard work on IR35 begins in earnest. We mustn’t become complacent.

 I, and the rest of the BoD, can assure you that PCG will not be sitting back and letting this happen without our input. We will redouble our efforts to ensure that our views are well understood by all the players and that they know that we’re there to help them find a just, workable and businesslike way forward which will ensure that the freelancing landscape is encouraging to contractors and treats them with the same degree of respect and even-handedness as any other business.”

More about you can support the PCG campaign to abolish IR35 here


One Response to “Is Richard Tyler our Paul Revere? The IR35 story continues”

  1. Titanium Consulting June 23, 2010 at 3:50 pm #

    Hopefully as the immediate action on the deficit becomes WIP the whole process of small business taxation will become clearer.

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