Serving up a virtual feast for Freelancers on National Freelancers Day – next Tuesday

19 Nov

National Freelancers Day (Tuesday 23rd November) is a celebration of freelancing, and what better way for a community to unite than over a meal. We have decided to serve our community a virtual feast of information, events, and special guests (all available on the National Freelancers Day website).


The starter – insights into freelancing
As an entree, why not get stuck into our landmark research, which looks at how client and freelancer views differ on the core value of freelancing and freelancers themselves. ComRes interviewed 1,624 UK freelancers and almost 700 UK businesses. What do clients want from freelancers? How do they find you? What problems do they encounter? How are your prospects changing? Are freelancers becoming more significant? Do you understand your clients? Do your clients understand you? Find the answer on National Freelancers Day.


The main course – Freeing up Potential (with tips on the side)
In the run up to National Freelancers Day, PCG ran a series of events from Aberdeen to Brighton, giving freelancers the chance to brainstorm career-building challenges, such as increasing the client’s perceived value, thriving in a buyer’s market and looking at both long and short term goals and strategies. Without doubt the most valuable aspect of this research was providing a forum for freelancers to meet and exchange ideas.

“It was empowering to hear the varying ideas, concepts and working practices of other contractors” said one attendee.
Interspersed with top tips and in depth interviews, we are serving this up as a report on National Freelancers Day with a side order of top tips and videos featuring key highlights from our Mastermind Sessions. Many ideas were raised, some were disputed and the debate will no doubt continue on the day. Why not make your voice heard? Every contribution makes the day a richer and more rewarding one for everyone.


A bit of afters – with expert freelance coach John Niland
To help you in the journey to find your answers, we have asked John Niland, co-Founder of the European Forum for Independent Professionals and coach with, to provide a webcast designed to help you draw your own conclusions from our research and our Mastermind Sessions. This will be available on the National Freelancers Day website on the day.


The perfect end to a meal – Relax with coffee and scintillating conversation
The best meals always end with great conversation and the Freelance Lecture is sure to be no exception. The insightful Dr James Bellini, supported by the engaging journalist and broadcaster Sue Lawley and a panel of experts is a sure  recipe for success. If you can’t make it, join the live broadcast and engage in the debate online.


An appetiser for now…
Keep your eyes peeled this Saturday for a little something to whet your appetite in the Telegraph. Supported by PCG, the Telegraph have produced a full 16 page supplement on Freelancing. It will be circulated with the newspaper this Saturday. Don’t forget to pick up a copy,

To join the celebration visit


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