Freelancing Matters: The Editor’s perspective

3 May

Tim is the current editor of Freelancing Matters magazine as well as being a freelancer in his own right. The new Freelancing Matters website can be viewed at

Having freelanced as an editor and writer for 10 years, the opportunity to edit PCG’s Freelancing Matters magazine was something I felt well-qualified for. That was in June 2010. Just 10 months and four issues later, I’ve re-evaluated those previous 10 years as a freelancer and developed a fresh perspective on what being a freelancer can be all about.

For me, that shift in outlook has been thanks to meetings and interviews with PCG members and the wider freelance community. It was the first time, for example, that I’d come across people who approached freelancing as a more secure option than being an employee. The chance to build and develop multiple job opportunities in parallel, to manage their own risks, illustrated a positive degree of control over the future direction of their work.

It’s been fascinating, too, discovering the resourceful and adaptable ways in which freelancers run their businesses – willing to explore new ideas and methods. And where many aspects of traditional business are often shrouded in secrecy, freelancers are refreshingly helpful and willing to share knowledge with each other – whether that’s working remotely or through the exciting range of work hubs and social working ventures that are cropping up around the country.

There’s a lot we can learn from each other as a freelance community. The resources of PCG and its members have proved a dynamic and dedicated voice for the freelance workforce.

It’s a workforce that is incredibly varied, featuring entrepreneurs, IT consultants, designers, chefs, project managers, mumpreneurs and my aim is to share these incredible stories in the pages of Freelancing Matters and this new website. The exciting aspect of the new website for me is greater interaction with our readers. So, if there’s anything you’d like to see featured in the magazine or on the website please get in contact.


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