Write to your MP on ICT abuse

19 Jul

George Anastasi, PCG's Policy and External Relations Adviser

Are you concerned about ICT abuse?

If so, PCG has made available a special template letter you can send to your MP, helping us take the campaign for a level playing field to Parliament.

PCG has consistently campaigned for change to the ‘intra company transfer’ system of work permits, which many of our members have alleged are being abused.

This abuse has led to undercutting and displacement of UK contractors, especially in the IT industry.

Our previous campaigning has been successful – the system was comprehensively overhauled by the current Government and the situation is now much improved for contractors.

Many of the rules governing these permits became significantly more restrictive, with no ICT worker allowed to stay in the UK for more than 12 months unless they are earning more than £40,000.

However, problems remain, particularly with the way the system is implemented by the UK Borders Agency.

The rules may be better, but the way they are enforced was recently highlighted for criticism by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee.

PCG has written a template letter detailing our main concerns, which you can send in your name to your MP. This will help raise awareness of ICT abuse and of past failures in enforcement, laying the foundations for better scrutiny in the future.

Feel free to edit the letter, and tailor it to your own personal style.

The letter is available here.

When you are happy, visit WriteToThem.com to email your MP, or alternative send a letter addressed to the MP at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

Remember, your MP is there to help you, whether you voted for them or not, so always be courteous and polite in any correspondence.

Please send on any replies from your MP or Minister to PCG, as these are always useful in our lobbying on the issue.

Our campaign on ICT abuse has been successful so far, but sending a strong message to your MP laying out the case for further change will further help secure a better future for contractors.


One Response to “Write to your MP on ICT abuse”

  1. Venkat October 30, 2012 at 10:15 am #

    Wipro, Mahindra Satyam, Infosys, TCS like companies should be banned in U.K as they are replacing British ICT workers with Cheap Indian workforce in a deceptive manner, by claiming, as if they could not find any suitable people, after calling these U.K workers for 4 or 5 rounds of interview, taking there passports details, Skype screen shots, C.V etc, to enmass the evidences to present before Home office.

    Please stop these too manipulative companies who are adding fuel to fire of recession in U.K

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