Tell me something I don’t know – the Freelance MBA

20 Oct

Iain McIlwee, PCG's Head of Commercial Development

Now I confess to being a fairly avid listener to, (my IPod has opened a raft of slithers of time) and reader of business literature. No ‘shock horror’ moment perhaps but I would say that some of these books have really changed my approach to work.

Working on National Freelancers Day has added to this passion as via the webcasts, research and lectures that we are running and the background that went into discovering and unearthing the views of people like Dan Pink, Karen Stephenson, Andrew Burke, Shane Pearlman and a raft of others, my horizons have been opened up to a whole new dimension of truly inspirational people.

In a roundabout way this research is how I ended up talking to Kevin Matthews today at Maximise Potential (always a pleasure) and it reminded me not just of above, but for the second time this week of the huge value in something I have taken a bit for granted recently at PCG, our Freelance MBA online training resource.

In conversation, Kevin rattled off a couple of books that I had not come across and I was immediately able to hop on to the Freelance MBA and flag up the book summaries to read at lunchtime today, I have already been online and added one to my wish list on audible.

I was also prompted to re-read the summary of Steven Covey’s 7 habits, certainly one of the defining books in my life and always worth revisiting and reminding myself of the core principles (I still haven’t cracked it btw!).

Earlier in the week, I was looking for some specific resources on finance and again the Freelance MBA didn’t disappoint, with the pocket book for the job and a few great supporting sources.

I promise this isn’t a sales pitch! This is me sharing my experiences of something and highlighting its availability since its restructuring. Through the Freelance MBA I have been able to learn and validate many aspects of my career and also keep up to speed with the business advice that PCG disseminate, to ensure I practice what we (for want of a better word) preach through our resources such as the Guide to Freelancing.

Information and advice are often treated as a commodity these days, but validated and authoritative info must be treasured and Ashridge are world leaders.  I have tasked myself to spend at least an hour a week really using the Freelance MBA to train and will use the Assessment Tool built in to help me to target the best skills to refresh and to remind me of any bad habits. Things like negotiation and presentation skills are always areas for self improvement, but I am sure I will find a few ‘I didn’t knows’ along the way too.

The Freelance MBA is available to PCG Plus Members here


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