A plea to freelancers everywhere..

16 Nov

Iain McIlwee, PCG's Head of Commercial Development

OK. So here’s the challenge. I want every UK Freelancer, contractor, interim, independent professional etc to have a chance to benefit from www.nationalfreelancersday.org.uk (23rd November 2011)… and now less than a week to do it.

NFD is all about Freelancing, a chance to highlight the value and contribution of the UK Freelance Sector, 1 in 20 in the workforce, 1.4 million people who are fundamental, key, vital, cruical, really really important etc. to the economy in the UK and our prospects of recovery.

To support NFD, PCG (the association for freelancers of every type, with 20,000 members and growing) are running free webinars, featuring some of the world’s top experts on finding, winning, keeping and managing freelance work.  The Freelance Lecture (supported by the Daily Telegraph) provides a centrepiece, and the event hosted by Sue Lawley (streamed live over the internet if you can’t get along to St Luke’s in London) is featuring some great keynote speeches from Dr Karen Stephenson, Professor Andrew Burke and Kamal Ahmed.  We are also are hosting a fun pop quiz on freelancing (with a serious message) and giving away free Guides to Freelancing (which is basically most things you need to get going as a freelancer and the things we should all be reminded of) and some brand spanking new research from Cranfield and Kingston Universities on the size and value of the freelance sector in the UK.  As well as working closely with the Telegraph and running a huge PR campaign, you will hopefully you will see some adverts popping up here and there too.

There are a number of other events running in Newcastle, Manchester and Brighton (to name a few), supported by fabulous freelance friends, like Freelance Romance, the Enterprise and Freelance Fair and Freelance Advisor. There are a range of competitions being run in support from Policy Bee and Webshorts that mean Kindles and short web animations can be won. Can you help help us spread the word via Google +, facebook, twitter, good old fashioned word of mouth.  The more people who get involved, visit the site, tweet, like, circle, + 1 or even mention in conversation, the bigger and better National Freelancers Day will be for all of us.

Any help in raising awareness of this great event for freelancing is really appreciated….


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