Lord Heseltine calls Govt to leave no stone unturned for business…

6 Nov

I was very encouraged to see Lord Heseltine calling for more dynamism and the encouragement of entrepreneurialism within the UK economy in the report he presented to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Business Secretary Vince Cable last week. He makes a powerful case for the redistribution of power, influence and wealth in order to successfully rebalance the economy towards private sector growth and his comments on ‘cutting red tape’ are particularly encouraging.

As I watched Lord Heseltine present his report (which you can read for yourself here) to a packed audience at Birmingham Town Hall, I could not help but notice the correlation between his recommendations and the way the freelancing landscape has organically grown in the UK over the last few years. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the agile, flexible, country-wide network of growth-enablers Heseltine calls for already exists in microcosm – a readymade blueprint for the Government to follow!

Lord Heseltine also made it very clear that he believes there is a pressing need for better, more efficient Government procurement and enhanced departmental management information systems.  Given the recent issues freelancers have experienced in this area, it is encouraging to hear a senior political figure highlight the issues many of you deal with on a daily basis.

Simply put, the report highlights the need for the Government to get behind business.To use Lord Heseltine’s own words, when it comes to small businesses this is often as simple as just “getting out of the way”.

By John Brazier, PCG’s Managing Director


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